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Having PDFs without the ability to read them should never happen. PDFelement offers a highly efficient PDF reader to use on your Mac, Windows computer and even use it as your go-to online PDF reader and the perfect iOS and Android PDF reader out there to always access your PDF documents whether in your office or on the move.

PDF Reader on Mac

Mac users have a unique PDF reader in PDFelement to use whenever they need to interact with PDFs. See also other top PDF readers for Mac out there.

pdf reader on mac

PDF Reader on Windows

Using Windows and want to make the most of your PDFs? PDFelement for Windows makes this effortless. Also see free top PDF readers on Windows.

pdf reader on windows

Online PDF Reader

At times you just want to interact with PDFs online, edit, read, share or convert them easily. PDFelement makes this flawless. See other free top online PDF readers out there.

PDF Reader Apps on Android

Looking for PDF reader app perfect for your Android Tablet or Smartphone? PDFelement is a top choice. See how it compares with other top Android PDF readers.

PDF Reader Apps on iOS

iOS Tablet and Smartphone users don’t really need to worry about a quality PDF reader for their mobile devices. PDFelement is a top choice and acrobat PDF reader alternative. See other PDF reader apps on iOS.